Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Interrupt You For An Impawtant Annoucement...

We got an award!  From Sharon who makes lovely drawings...... Thanks!

We have to answer these qs and pass them on the 9 people so like Sharon we picked the first 9 to comment on the last post:

01. My favorite color: purple and fuchsia
02. My favorite animal: cats!
03. My favorite number: 3 and it's multiples
04. My favorite non-alcoholic drink: lapsang souchon
05. Social media? Facebook, twitter, blog
06. My passion: writing, reading, cats
07. Getting or giving presents? If it involves books, then either.
08. My favorite pattern? Golden ratio
09. My favorite day of the week? Saturday
10. My favorite flower? Orchids because I can't get freesias

We're passing this on to:
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Milo and Alfie Marshall  

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lessons I 've Learned From Living With Cats - Or How To Be The Cat's Meow

Lessons I 've Learned From Living With Cats
How To Be The Cat's Meow
By Ellen Whyte, author of Katz Tales at

As any ailurophile can tell you, living with cats is a truly humbling experience. Cats are the epitome of sensible living. They never, ever overeat and make themselves ill - even at Christmas. But that's not all. Cats who enjoy human company, find themselves a family they like, move in and live a life of luxury only enjoyed by multimillionaires. They command the most comfortable spots for snoozing, regular meals made from delicious delicacies, twice daily massages and recreation on demand.

My home is dominated by three cats: Au, Target and Guido. Like all cats my three furry faces are extremely intelligent and manipulative. They can turn the average human being into a cat's paw in the shake of a whisker…
Do what I want, NOW!
Take our senior cat Au. He can get us out of bed at 2AM and 5AM to feed him biscuits, but if we oversleep and he has to meow us up for his “official” breakfast at 7AM, we apologise profusely while he gives us absolute hell at the top of his lungs. We’d never take it from a human, but we kowtow to our cat.

One question is: how do they do it? Better still: how can I live life as comfortably as a cat? Well, I’ve been taking lessons from our felines, and over the next 10 days I’ll share my best tips on how you too can cash in on that feline charm.

Lesson #1 "Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want." --Joseph Wood Krutch

When cats want something they consider is due to them, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, cuddles or a fresh bowl of cool water, they will ask for it with the loud YA-OW every cat lover is familiar with.

The time of day or your convenience is irrelevant. If on the other hand a cat is asking for a special favour, their approach is quite different: purring vigorously they caress your ankles or pose in the most appealing attitudes until you give in.

Likewise, if you want something from someone, a cat's approach can be copied.

Firmly demanding what is due to you without embarrassment or apology will prompt compliance as well as making everyone respect you into the bargain. Try it once and you'll never use the weak pleas like sorry to bother you, but may I have my wages/refund/property back again.

When asking for a favour, purring may be difficult to achieve and rubbing someone ankles may not be the best approach, however, you can copy the spirit of the approach.

Adopt a soft advance that starts with a compliment or two, and ends with an indication of how grateful you will be if your favour is granted. You’re so incredibly clever, and I admire the way you do that…I’d be ever so grateful if you’d cut the grass/take care of the shopping/do my annual taxes for me.

Believe me, copying your cat’s tactics will significantly improve the chances of your every wish being gratified.

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I've also just started the The 5 kg weight loss support club. where we rally round to help each other stick to our exercise/diet plan.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Six Things About Guido

Guido has been with us for just over a week, and we're beginning to get to know him.  Here's what we've learned about our new fuzzy family member:

1. Guido likes all food.  He gobbles up any kind of wet food, and has expressed a love for roast chicken, pork, stewed mutton, cheddar cheese, Gouda cheese, and even had his face in my cup of fresh pasta.

2. Guido doesn't beg, but he is suspiciously close just IN CASE you want to offer a treat to a small cat.

3. Guido loves T-man.  They play on the sofa, and Guido loves to lie on top of T-man when we're watching TV.

4. Guido is a nice boy.  He doesn't climb the curtains, or shred stuff.

5. Guido is extremely clumsy.  He knocks over books, trinkets, boxes, bowls, and everything else.  But he looks guilty when something smashes.

6. Guido is a fur brain. He saw Target in the fern patch in our garden this morning (a place exclusively reserved for Private Cat Business) and instead of following suit, Guido ran all the way upstairs to his bathroom to use his cat litter box.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Au The Great Mouse Hunter

Au went out last night and caught a mouse.  He is super-proud of himself, and every time we call him Great Gold Hunter, Razor Claw or Mouse Killer, he purrs like mad.

We're also happy because it shows that Au is feeling good, despite the super-model look and the liver problems.

Guido is in good form too but Target is a little jealous.  More about that in a day or two!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Au Is Fuming

I took Au to the vet for a checkup yesterday.  His liver is improving but he's lost 150g. 

Au thinks this is good news and that the trip to the vet was unnecessary.  Here he is, scowling at me.

I am now feeding him up.  Fish and ham for breakfast, and chicken for tonight.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Kitten At Katz Tales Day 3

Last night we decided to let Guido have the run of the house as there had been no hissing.

When we went to bed Target slept on my pillow and Au was at T-man's feet as usual. Then there was a tiny squeak, and Guido jumped up and settled in the middle. I think we need a bigger bed.

Guido is a real climber. Here he is trying to get a bird's eye view of Target - my sweet little cat who is totally relaxed about it all.

A foot massage....

And Au is cleaning up in the "frensh ham" department!

Au is off to the vet tomorrow for a check-up. He's eating and playful but he's so skinny my poor old boy. Paws crossed all is well.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Kitten At Katz Tales Day 2

Au has sniffed over the kitten and accepted him as a person who can be safely ignored.

Target has said hello too. When their whiskers touched both were growling but it was low key and there were no bushy tails and all ears were pointed forward.

We think tomorrow will be playtime.

We've renamed the kitten Guido because he's a little thug and gets just what he wants.

And here are some pics....

Is this also a house cat?

Ping pong balls are fun!

We're staying here until you give us lots of chicken treats!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Kitten At Katz Tales Day 1

First Reaction

What's this?

It's like looking in a mirror

Oh no!  Whot's dis???

OMC!  Dis is de feemale's fault!

We're out of here!

An Hour Later

Actually, I like him!

Well, as long as De Male plays wif me...

Teehee!  I win!  I am staying!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Changes - Just Wait For The Drama

Au is well.  He had 4ths at dinner last night, and played with T-man for an hour.  The thing is, Au plays almost exclusively with T-man and our little Target is bored.

It's been this way for 7 months now, so we've decided to make some changes.  We're adopting a new cat.

As Au is FIV positive, this took some planning.  We needed a cat who is very healthy.  So we looked for one that's been inoculated, dewormed, and treated for fleas. 

Also, Au hates tiny kittens but he doesn't mind young cats.  As a big adult cat may be territorial asnd bully our shy Target, we looked for a compromise and settled on a young cat aged around 4 months. 

As Target needs a playmate, we wanted a feisty kitten. 

T-man said he preferred a boy as they tend to be tougher than girl cats and he thinks Target needs some shoring up in his confidence department.  T-man also wanted a Malaysian kinky tailed cat if possible.

Alicia from Pet Epicure came up with 2 cats.  T-man got the choice and he settled on Jake. 

Just to be sure, we paid for an FIV test and when he was proved negative, we paid for the FIV shot. This will be added to Jake's adoption fee.

We're picking Jake up in an hour.  We fully expect Target to be horribly jealous at first, so watch this space for drama.  I'll provide daily updates and no doubt Au will Tweet about it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Au Speaks Out: We Were Abandoned!

i warned you on twitter dat i had some shocking news: well dis is it: de survunts went off to Kuching in Sarawak and abandoned me and de fur brain for 3 days!!!!

We only had 2 people to look after us de whole time dey were gone!!!  umi who lives akross de street gave us brekfust and cathy, de one from whisppy blog gave us dinner.

i heard de survunt tell cathy to chek my eyes to make sure i am well.  so i sat under de bed and shut my eyes furry tight efurrytime cathy came.  and i skolded umi a lot efurrytime she came just to tell her how upset i was.

when i'm not happy i like to spred it abowt.  dat's just de way i am.  it's going to take a lot of chikkun to make up for dis neglekt.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

LIM: One Of His Thai Massage Hooker Whore Friends

The house phone rings...

Me:  "Hello, Ellen Whyte speaking."
Woman: "Is Mr T there?"
Me: "No he isn't.  Who is this?"
Woman:"Can I have his handphone number?"
Me: "Who are you?"
Woman: "I have to talk to him."
Me: "Is there a reason why you won't say who you are?"

Turns out the woman is from Maybank and she wanted to ask questions about our joint account.  Questions she should know the answer to if she had bothered to check the database.  Quesrtions she could have asked me as it's a JOINT bank account.

The general rudeness of Malaysians on the phone drives me nuts.  So I was grumpfing to T-man later on that night and he came up with a brilliant idea:  "Next time you get some pin-head who won't say who she is, yell at her, "Are you of his one of his Thai massage hooker whores?!?!?!"

I made a feeble but honourable attempt to remind him of the potential damage to his reputation, but T-man was adamant.  "If they have no manners, then make them sit up and pay attention."

Now I can't wait for the next call!  But what if it's a man?  Would the same response work?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Make Your Own Cat Pills

Au went to the vet yesterday.  His liver is still acting up, but as he's eating we're not too worried.  However, the doc recommended a change of liver supplements.  The old stuff was a pill; this stuff is granules.

Au refuses to eat food that has been dosed, and there's no way I'm going to mix this stuff with water and syringe it into him as I don't want him stressed out.

Instead, I am making up my own capsules.  I bought jelly capsules from the pharmacy (regular places sell them as do Chinese medicine shops) and I fill them myself. 

1. Fold bit of newspaper.
2. Pour grains into paper.
3. Open capsule.
4. Tip meds into capsule.
5. Close

Au takes these capsules easily and Target is so convinced that the senior cat is getting treats, that I've had to hide the meds inside my glasses case. 

Apart from the liver thing, Au is in good form.  He sang all the way to the vet and all the way back so we were both exhausted by the whole experience but a few hours later he was eating, drinking, and his usual self. Still, purr for us, OK? 

Saturday, July 02, 2011

LIM: Child-Free In Malaysia

"How many kids do you have?" is a standard conversation opener in Malaysia.  If you say you don't have any, complete strangers will think nothing of asking, "Why not?"

As many Malaysians think that procreation is a must, those people who choose not to have kids can come in for a lot of questions that are even ruder.

On Tuesday Cathy from Whisspy and I took part in a BFM Radio interview discussing "child-free" issues.  It was Cathy's first live interview ever, so do write to her after.  Here's the podcast: