Sunday, August 28, 2011

Target Has A Bath (Video Only)

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Target Has A Bath

We wash our kitties very seldom because they do a great job by themselves but sometimes a fuzz face needs a helping hand from a basin of suds.

Target yesterday went out to play in our neighbour's mini construction site, and came home with his tail full of tar.

In the past we've shown you Scoop, the kitty who passed before, doing his famous octopus spread, and Au's classic get-me-outta-here look. This time we went all out and captured Target on screen.


Scoop does his famous "octopus spread"

Au's classic wild eyed bath-time look

If you are new to bathing a kitty, note that it's useful to:
  • Have a sink of soapy water, jug of rinsing water and towel all prepared.
  • Don't have an audience.  Your pet is nervous already.
  • Keep talking quietly all the way to reassure your pet.
  • Hold firmly but don't squeeze.
  • Hold cat close to you and have the bits that need washed in the water.  Don't try to hold your kitty in the centre of the sink/bath as being out in the open in water is scary for cats.
  • In case of emergency, use the "mummy-cat" grip in the neck to establish control and remove claws from T-shirt etc - but not for more than a few seconds!
Good luck!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Target and Guido: Fur Friends

Well, it's happened. Guido jumped up on the sofa, found Target there, and settled in for a cuddle.

Now my two smaller fur faces are experimenting with face-licking and hugs. 

Except for Guido taking nibbles of fur here and there, the two are enjoying themselves.

More pics soon!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Guido The Circus Star

Guido loves to climb.  Luckily he's not practicing his art on the curtains but on the security grill. 

The first few days he went up and had to be helped down, but now he can do both without assistance.  Isn't he cute?

He's getting along with Target now.  They're touching whiskers constantly, and Guido has taken to running up to the bigger cat and patting his on the bum. 

I think he got this counting coup idea from our watching Stagecoach, the classic John Wayne film the other day.

Target pretends to be outraged but this morning they went outside for their morning walk together.  It was 5AM so I wasn't carrying my camera to capture The Moment.  Next time!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why I'm Smelling Of Sardines...

I waken up smelling of sardines these days and I have figured out who it is...
Guido really likes his food. In the morning he eats his own breakfast, and then checks Au's bowl for leftovers.
He runs a paw around the rim - just in case

Smacks his lips....
And then comes running to bed to thank me for it!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Typical Morning...

Guido and Au having breakfast
545AM:  T-man sneaks out of bed and Target slithers off my pillow.  The two of them go downstairs where T-man opens the door so Target can have his early morning stroll, and then he puts on coffee.

546AM The smell of fresh coffee wafts upstairs.  Guido slides out of bed and hurries after Target.  Au marches down and demands breakfast from T-man with loud ME-OW-OW-ROOOOWs!

620AM Target jumps into bed.  His fur is all fresh and cool and he's all purry.  We cuddle. T-man leaves for work.

Target on desk duty
625AM I get up and give Au his second breakfast.  Guido comes racing in and eats too. Target has biscuits upstairs because he's not a big breakfast kitty.

630AM I put laundry into the machine, do the dishes, and cuddle Target when he comes down from his biscuit munching session.  Au looks on the scene with disdain.

640AM Treadmilling for me, with a cuddle break for Guido who is now round, purring and smelling of sardines as he finishes his food by running a paw around the bowl.

730AM Collapsing from treadmilling.  Cuddle Target and get fur all over me.  Give Au a treat of ham.  Persuade Guido he needs only a tiny corner of ham.  Invite Target to race me upstairs for the start of the day.

8AM In the office with Target on desk duty.  Guido and Au are downstairs, cleaning whiskers before their morning nap.

Now waiting for 11Am when Au will come into the office, headbutt me in a friendly way and demand first lunch....

Life with cats; I love it.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Au Speaks Out: World Cat Day!

 I am making 2 speshul annownsemunts today:

First: we haf a winner for de Katz Tales competitshun!!! It's:
Thanny Ng   

Guido picked her out.  We'll show you how he did dis in a few days bekos today is resurved for de other speshul annownsemunt.

Today is World Kat Day!  All of us kats online are celebrating.  You kan see us all at the cat blogosphere

As a furry senior kat, I would like to take dis opportunity to state my demands to all you survunts owt dere.  What i want on dis speshul day is dis:
all our favrut food, all day long

plenty of squizzles.  dis inkludes chin rubs...
..and bak rubs
games - and maybe de odd furry toy to put de bitey on
a comfy place to kat nap
Also, i want dis for efurry kat owt dere.  May all of dose kitties who don't haf a home find a good survunt today...

Happy World Kat Day!

Friday, August 05, 2011

We're Having A Competition! And Update On Target

Competition time! One gift parcel of cat food, treats, and toys up for grabs.

To enter please:
Guido is one up after whapping Target

"Like" our Katz Tales Facebook Fan page,


Answer the following about Au, Guido, and Target:

1. Who is the youngest cat?
2. Who has the nickname Mr Snizzles?
3. Who caught a rat last week?

Send entries via Facebook mail to Ellen Whyte  Competition closes on Sunday 7th August at Noon Malaysian time.  All entries welcome.

PS Au is feeling a bit better but he's a tad upset because I now have a cold and my sneezing upsets my little cat's rest.

PPS Guido is getting curious about the big cat and he's proving determined.  Last night Target whapped Guido on the nose for being too close when he was having a cat treat.

Five minutes later when Target was four-paws-in-the-air on the sofa next to me, Guido bounced up.  When I encouraged him to "sniff the big cat's toes" Guido snuck up and then WHAPPED Target's back paw!

My little fur brain thought it was me, so all he did was murmer the kitty equivelent of "not now can't you see I'm sleeping"

So that's one up for Guido.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Target Is Sick

On Sunday Target had a sore throat.  On Monday night he started sneezing.  The vet has confirmed our poor little cat has Cat Flue. 

Luckily Target is fully inoculated so it's very mild.  He doesn't have a fever or runny eyes or a runny nose.  And he's eating.  But he isn't feeling 100%.

The vet says Target will recover soon but in the meantime he recommended plenty of bed rest so our baby is tucked up in bed.  I'm bringing him lactose-free milk every few hours to cheer him up.  And of course he needs extra cuddles so I'm spending lots of time in bed too!

We're keeping Au away from him as Au is FIV positive.  Au is now on his chair downstairs, and Guido is keeping him company.

We'll be back in a day or so with more news.