Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kiss, Fight, Act Naturally

Practically every day, this is what happens around 7 o'clock in the evening.

Target kisses Au and everything is sweetness and light.

Then Target "accidentally on purpose" bites Au in the neck.

Au tells Target to back off - or else!

Target pretends he never meant to start a fight, and Au cleans his claws super casually just to show he's still boss cat.
I've been working up a storm but I'll take more pics this week and do some good posts next week.  Promise!  In the meantime, if you want to follow Au on Twitter, click here!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why We Don't Write Cruelty Posts

If you're wondering why I haven't written a lot about Cole the Tuxie Cat, or the other cruelty cases I've come across, here's the explanation.  Marg: there are no horrible pics or descriptions, just a nice picture of Guido!

Those of you who don't live in Malaysia may not realise that this blog supports Katz Tales, a newspaper column that I write for The Star.  When I started writing it back in 2006, I had two overt aims: to entertain and to help new cat lovers understand their pets better.

The 800 word article is always about my cats, and there's a sidebar of facts and information.  I knew that many cat lovers here kept their pets in cages (to keep them safe and clean) without inoculation (because animals aren't people so they don't need them) and a host of other popular misconceptions, so I was hoping the sidebar would help those kitties get a better deal.

I also had two covert aims: to persuade those who tolerate cats to love them, and to persuade those who hate cats to tolerate them. 

As I think that you catch more flies with honey,  Katz Tales is a "feel good" column where I try to make people laugh (at me mostly) and by sharing how wonderful it is to have pet family.  I don't write about cruelty - unless it's the way Au and his colleagues manipulate their servants.

Sometimes I get flak from people who think I should highlight abuse cases.  My friends sometimes poke at me for never writing about the occasional cruelty cases I help out with and the strays I feed, neuter and medicate daily. 

I've explained it's partly a philosophical and branding issue but I have to confess it's partly selfishness too.  I already get lots of email saying, "I just rescued 6 cats, when can I drop them at your place?" and I don't want to have to keep explaining that I'm not a rescue centre, a living saint like some of my rescue pals, or a bottomless well of ca$h.  Also, cruelty cases break my heart, and I'm not one of those Teflon people who can just shrug stuff off.

So as an exception for once I'll tell you now that Cole the Tuxie cat is fat and happy and totally healed.  I tried to take his picture yesterday but he keeps rolling onto his back so we'll have to wait till Saturday when his mummy can hold him up for a nice pose.  And that cat down the street who was attacked with boiling water a few days ago seems to be healing thanks to the meds our vet gifted me with.

And to make you all smile, here's Guido!  He's giggling because he's had breakfast AND trashed the living room.  He's one kitty who's living the good life and I'm hoping that Katz Tales helps some others to do the same.

PS to read two free Tales published in The Star newspaper, check out Scoop Moves In and Scoop Fakes An Illness, and click on Our Books to download How Boris The Cat Was Reunited With His Family, a free PDF download. If you buy the book, Katz Tales, also listed under Our Books, 10% goes to Friends Furry Farm charity.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Guido: I Am Sent A Present! And Target Steals It!!!

Our friend Bin sent me a Present! It's from her Silvervine Shop!  But when Target saw the package, he wanted it.

Get off!  This is clearly for me!

Now, how do I open this?
Bin sent me a silvervine pillow and some chew sticks!  It all smelled Very Good.
Yum!  Smells good!
Target got all Silly.
He took the pillow, even though it was meant for Me.
Drool, slurp, roll...
But I finally got a go too.
yummy, yummy, yummy...
Thanks Bin!  Tomorrow I get a chew stick!  It's going to be a good Saturday.

Monday, February 13, 2012

We Callously Abandon Our Cats

T-man and I went to Thailand for 3 days last week.  When we brought out our case, Target and Au knew what was up.

While we were away, our neighbours Lillian and Umi looked in on the cats twice a day.  In addition, the lady who comes to clean also came for one morning and one afternoon.  Despite this, the cats clearly felt neglected.

I got an SMS on the 3rd day to say that Target had disappeared.  About 5 minutes later and after several heart attacks, I was informed that Target had turned up.  I'm convinced the little beggar (and I may be a vowel or two out when I say that) deliberately staged a panic scenario. 

We had a long flight and had a taxi driver from hell on the way home so when we finally dropped through the door at 130AM it was nice to be greeted with enthusiasm.

Guido dived over to see us purring and shouting MEOW! MEOW! 

Target came tumbling down the stairs, threw himself into my arms, and purred loudly.  From the way his fur was standing up on his head, he'd been fast asleep. 

Au was ensconced in my office chair and deep in sleep, but when I looked in on him, he woke up and demanded I carry him downstairs.  The meow he gave "his" survunt De Male was something to hear.

The next morning the cats inspected our case, the new shirts T-man bought, and decided that we have to be prevented from escaping again.  They're following us about 24/7and covering the laundry with fur so that all the other cats we may meet know we're also in service.

I'm quite pleased: this is one trip where we are not punished with the Tayul of Displeashure when we return!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Target Is Fed-Up

Target's pinned back ear clearly states he's fed up with being a photo model, but really - just LOOK at how he lines up his paws and tail into a straight line!  I love that attention to detail.

I'm off to the ProDiet cat food factory soon.  If you've any questions about wet food, ask me and I'll ask them. 

As my brother arrives tomorrow for his annual visit, I'll be visiting you all and blogging again Monday,  See you then!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Guido, The Tightrope Walker

Isn't he handsome? Isn't he clever? Our little Guido walks up and down on the 1 inch gate top every day with the skill of the professional acrobat.

I think he does it to make Target and Au jealous....