Monday, March 26, 2012

It's HOT!

It's flaming hot today. Au, Target and Guido are all upside down, tummies exposed to the slightest hint of breeze.

I love this picture of Au especially as you can see he is sparkling white, and he's got a nice little padding of fat that shows he's in the pink of health again.

Au will be 14 next month.  We'll celebrate with roast chicken, ham and other goodies.  In other words, business as usual - but maybe more of it.

I'm off to have my 3rd cold shower of the day - with Target and Guido as snoopervisers and whirling water watchers. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Handsome Cats

Sorry for the week's absence: I've been busy talking to Petsmore about that poodle I saw being abused in their SS15 Subang Jaya shop last week, and with talking to various authorities about changing the way pet shops deal with their live charges.

I did take some time to photograph Au, Target and Guido yesterday morning around 10AM.

Au was in his Command Chair where he can see out of the front door, up the stairs and (turning his head) check who's opening the fridge in the kitchen.

Target and Guido were on guard duty. And as you can see, some cats are more relaxed than others.

Aren't they handsome?

Au with a slightly grubby nose

Guido on guard - doing his meercat impression.

Target on guard - the most relaxed guard in the street

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Au Is Kind

It was my birthday recently and the cats celebrated by giving me a big live lizard that we then released together, furry purry headbutts galore, and finally Au let me snorgle his tummy.

With the cake afterwards and the bottle of Absolut, it was a pawsome birthday!

PS If you live in Malaysia, please be aware of the campaign to change the way staff at Petsmore SS15 Subang Jaya treat the animals in their care.  Letters to the council to remove the live pet and grooming licenses from this shop are posted on my Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Au Speaks Out: Getting De Most Owt Of Your Survunt

me being hand fed by de survunt
in de last few days i haf been feuding wif de survunt.  just bekos she is bigger, she thinks she kan order me around.  HAH!

if it's one thing i know, it's how to get de most owt of my survunt.  let me tell you how i beat her to her nees.

it started on saturday when she bought me sum ham.  frensh imported ham. it was so nice dat i decidud i wanted ham, and only ham.

after two ham feasts de survunt said, Au-Meow, you need to eat sum kat food and den you kan have ham.

i refused.

de survunt said, Au, you need propur food too.  here, haf sum rost chikkun.

i said no.

me eating fresh ham on my favrut chair
den de survunt said, Au, you will get no food for 2 hours!!!!! den you will eat your kat food

i begged and meowed and sulked and when she offered me kat food i said no.

de survunt offered to handfeed me so i took a little - and den ate a lot of ham.

after 3 days of dis she finally caved.  dis morning she gave me ham for breakfast insted of kat food.  she even served me while i was relaksing on my favrut chair.

i won! i am de greatest!  i am ruler of de univurse!!!

i didn't gloat though.  i just ate all of my ham.  every single bit.  i watched her throw away de wrapper so i know dere is none left.

hey, wait a minute... oh my cod!  dere's no ham left!!!  dis is a disastur!  kwik!  kall de ham shop!  it's an emurgunsee!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

In Pictures: A Visit To The Cat Food Factory

A few weeks ago ProDiet conducted a tour of the factory where their wet cat food is made.

Basically, frozen tuna is defrosted, steam-cooked and cleaned by hand. The white meat is made into products for human consumption while the dark meat is used for pet food. In the pet food section the fish has supplements added in powder form, and is then packaged along with jelly, gravy or other moisture.

Pet food is made to The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards.

See you all next week with updates on how Guido is devising new ways of getting us out of bed in the morning and a word from Au about getting the most out of your survunt.