Friday, June 29, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

We are taking part in the Games, the PetBloggingGames!

Guido is taking part in the Balance Beam event hosted by Cory and Company at

 Target is entering for Best Nippy Face hosted by Callie and Sassy at

...and Fierceful Yawning hosted by Kashim, Othello and Salome at

And Au and Target are also up for Synchronised Snoozing hosted by The Daily Oskar at

The PetBloggingGames are open to all cats and dogs - whether you have a blog or not!  Check it out by visiting the Official Events and Sponsors page

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We Are Cartoon Cats!

The Meowers from Missouri told us about this pawsome cartoon cat programme where you can draw your own kitty online!  

I had a go at Au, Target and Guido... not brilliant but it's a start. 

If you want to cartoonise your pet, read this from the Meowers:

" of the other cat moms (we disremembers who) gave us this an' mommer wented there an' follered the derecshuns. ya gotta haff a cut-and-paste-from-screen program (we uses Snip Plus, which is free an' you can get it safely here: ). use the snip plus to cut out the result frum cartoonize an' save it as a graphic file (jpg,. etc). if you haff other software like the gimp or photoshop, you kin then further customize the avatar. mommer can't draw, but she sure can gimp!! haff fun, an' if you haff questions, just ask us!"

PS we say Rosie Ross Jigsaw yesterday and he'll be out in a few days!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Guido: Games and Cattitude

We've been furry busy the last few days.  First, our pal Nellie sent us an email about some pawsome cat iPad games made by Friskies.  And then we found another one called Cat Toy by tnxbai that has a mouse with a real squeak in it!

I am furry clever so I Looked but I wasn't Fooled by the Fake Fish.

Au was though!  He fished for the fish.  And so was Target!  He fished for fish AND looked under the iPad to see if he could get them there.

(Roll your mouse over the pictures to see our Secret Messages)

get de fish!  get it!

what's this doing here?

maybe if I LIFT this iPad...

stomp the fish!  stomp the fish!
get these to turn your iPad into a Pawsome Pad

Also, there is Bad News.  We cats were Abandoned again this weekend.  From Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon we only had our friend Umi visiting three times a day and our friend Malo coming in on Saturday morning to Make The Bed with me.

Au moaned about de survunts being bad, and Target whined about missing his Mummy Cat at night.  This got me thinking: it's time we had some Discipline.

Clearly being tough like Au doesn't and sweet like Target doesn't work.  I shall therefore Institute My Own Programme of Obedience for Cat Pets.

Training starts today! Watch this space..... Oh and please Like us on Facebook too.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Guido's Quest For Dominance

Names have always had strong associations for me: Natashas have black hair and are glamorous; Roberts have a sense of humour, and so on. 

When Guido came to us from Pet Epicure,  he was called Jake.  But to me Jakes are blonde and have blue eyes.  As Guido's soft brown eyes and coat look Italian, we called him Guido.

It's turned out to be a bit of mistake because our little Guido is turning into a small Mafiosi!

He's using his baby meow to get round restrictions like, "It's 2AM, no I am not in the mood to play" and trying out De Klaw when he wants to be picked up - not a problem usually but when I'm dealing with hot oven dishes and other dangerous goods....

What do you think?  Do names influence character?  Or is Guido trying out his powers of purrsuasion because we spoil him?

Here he is, grinning an evil grin because while Au and Target came to collect their treat yesterday, Guido made me bring him his share while he was lounging outside on the bench. 

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Rosie Ross Jigsaw Is Getting Better

I saw the sick kitty, now renamed Rosie Ross Jigsaw, yesterday and I’m delighted to report that he’s almost better. The 6 inch wide open wound is now a paltry 1 inch across. He’ll never have fur on his side again, but the skin has grown in thick and nice – a bit like a Sphinx cat!

You know that I was worried not just about his three operations that didn’t seem to be working too well but also about his state of mind. Our feral cat was so scared that I worried about his overall health. I wondered if we were being cruel while trying to cure him.

Anyway, as I had to go away, our neighbours very generously took over care of the kitty. Just as well because I think it would have bankrupted me! Anyway, they reported he was calming down and getting to the point again where he could be touched.

So when I went yesterday, Mani, the vet’s assistant, was delighted to tell me he can now touch Rosie Ross Jigsaw’s head and squizzle him a little. I told him that I didn’t think Rosie Ross Jigsaw would let me do that ever again, and Mani demurred.

So this is what happened: I walked in and said, “Hey kitten cat,” at which point Rosie Ross Jigsaw yelled, “It’s you!” and turned to Mani hissing, “That’s HER! That’s the bitch who saw me after I was attacked and lured me into a false sense of security with food and when I let her get near me, she TRAPPED ME! And took me for OPERATIONS! She’s evil incarnate!”

And Mani was shushing him but Rosie Ross Jigsaw yelled, “If she comes near me I will give her THE CLAW! I swear I will!”

So I dropped off the gourmet cat food I’d brought and quietly left.

I don’t care what Rosie Ross Jigsaw thinks because he is definitely going to be A-OK!

And as he’s now looking quite respectable, here’s a very shady pic of him, growling at me...

Monday, June 04, 2012

Target Speaks: That iPad Effect

Mummy cat has an iPad and it's driving us cats CRAZY!  With the big camera she had to pick it up, set it up, and then click. 

But with this pad thing she's reading one minute and taking candid shots the next!

We cats have no privacy any more, at all!!!

The shots are also a bit blurry but we're so good-looking that it doesn't really matter.

Here's Au.  Although his eyes are kind of open, he's really sleeping while sitting up on the coffee table. He does this a lot.  Au says it's a talent; we say it's freaky.

And here's Guido fast asleep on the floor.  He was out all morning chasing tree shrews and having breakfast with our neighbour Cole the Tuxie cat.  Then he came home and FLUMPED - just like that big Boris who used to stay with us.
I'm glad Boris went home to his family.  I still worry sometimes that he's hiding underneath the sofa, ready to pounce on me.

I also worry that Soup, the turtle who stayed with us, is still hiding covertly in the indoor garden. 

I'm not a fraidy-cat, just furry cautious!

And here's me looking all cute in front of the TV.  I like to lie in front of the TV because it's nice and warm and it means mummy cat and T-man have something good to look at too. 

I know they like me being here because when I jump up and settle down by cleaning my toes and stuff, they're always yelling my name. 

I suppose I could sleep on the sofa which is probably comfier but I think it's my duty to sleep in front of the TV.  I'm furry thoughtful, you know.