Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Furry Dictator

We were meowed out of bed at 5AM this morning by Au who demanded we feed him "rost chikkun".

Our senior cat may be just a foot tall and weigh just under 5kg but he has a will of iron.

I was talking to the chicken butcher by 7AM and Au was tucking into his first breakfast an hour later.

If there's such a thing as rebirth, I think the nicest people will be reborn to live the life of an Au.  We should all be so lucky.

PS if you like happy stories about cats, check out the Katz Tales books. Guaranteed to make you laugh!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Au Speaks Out: My Command Chair

dere haf been some changes in de house.  we got a new sofa but as you know i got to keep my personnul chair.

dis is me in my Command Chair. 

when i sit in it, i can see owtside to de garden, upstairs to de bedroom, and if i turn around, i can see de kitchen where de chikkun is rosted.  oh, and i can also see de TV. and de new sofa.

i often eat ham in my chair, so de survunt has put down a covur for me.  it is bloo.

dis week she washed de cover but it didn't dry right away. 

she wanted me to sit in chair just like dat!!!  i said, NO!  so she put down a towel for me. 

de towel is red and it has stripes.

i like it and i want to keep it.  you can see from my frowny face dat it is now MY towel.

dis is my Command.

oh, and i also command you to check out de books de survunt wrote abowt me.  dere's a free book too.  for you.  bekos we like you.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Mysterious Visitor

Target jumped up on the bench yesterday afternoon and immediately puffed up like a blowfish. I went out to rescue him from whatever was scaring him, and guess what I saw?

Coal the Tuxie Cat sitting in our cat carrier!  Remember Coal, the most expensive tuxie on the street?  He lives across the road from us now.

However, Tuxie isn't at his home during daytime at the moment as his mum and dad are working on the front of the house. He avoids the construction chaos by coming to our house to play and to hang out.

Guido often sleeps in this carrier, and as they are friends, I guess Tuxie thought Guido wouldn't mind.

Target likes Tuxie too, but he's a scaredy cat who gets a fright if anything unusual happens - like a leaf falling on the ground without 2 weeks advance notice.

Once he realised who it was, our little furbrain was fine.  But the second Tuxie went home, Target went to sit in the carrier - just to show it is his, I think!

Katz Tales by Ellen Whyte

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Au has his hungry days where he eats 4 square meals before lunch, and then there are days when he eats a reasonable amount but is more interested in playing games or hanging out on his Command Chair.

Guido enjoys his meals and will try anything he doesn't recognise (sweetcorn, melon, quiche, brie...... and that was just this weekend) but he isn't greedy.

Target lives for food.  He has his own breakfast and will then snack with Au, share with Guido and clean up after both.  Same at lunch and dinner.

This is a typical scene.  Mouse over for private cat thoughts.

Guido is given a bowl of steak at lunch because he had a small breakfast.

Guido isn't hungry - because he ate with Cole the Tuxie Cat across the street, I find out later.

So Target gobbles the lot.  See those expanding stripes!

Fun stories of Au and his colleague Scoop.  
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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

It's World Cat Day!

It's World Cat Day and we're planning a fun day!

Guido, Paper Destructor

Au, King of the Box

Target Pulling Strings

We're also excited because we sold some Katz Tales books on Smashwords and we made our first sale on Barnes and Noble!!!

Our hostess this year for World Cat Day 2012 is Mitalee from Critters in the Cottage.  We've never met but we're going over to do some critter hunting right away.

See you there?

Have a happy World Cat Day!

Friday, August 03, 2012

We Have A New Sofa

We have a new sofa!  It's slate grey which means the cat fur will show up beautifully, but it's very comfy.

When it arrived, Target snuck up for a cautious sniff.

Then he hopped on for a good look about...
But guess who got there first?

In an effort to show off his skills, How To Dominate The Sofa, Guido had already claimed the sofa as his very own.

Au grew up with the old sofa, and by the way he stalks past the new one with a hoity toity tail, we can tell he's not in the mood for change.  We've let him keep the Command Chair part of the set that he appropriated when he was just a kitten.  It stands in it's usual place so that Au can keep his creature comforts.

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