Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who Has The Biggest Tocks?

We can't make up our mind as to who has the bigger bum: Guido or Target. Please vote!
Guido's Tocks

Target's Tocks
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Au: I haf a komplaint

I haf a komplaint.  i asked de survunt for food at 2AM and do you know wot she said? 

she said, "haf sum biskut, Au-meow.  you can have chikkun in de morning."


i always haf biskuts AFTER i eat my chikkun or my sardine cat food.  i can't just eat biskuts on dere own like some uncivilised cat.

i am furry upset!  dis is me on my sofa cushion, sulking.

i am going to stay here sulking.  but if you want to see more of me, you can see Miracle Cat s book dat's all abowt me.  it's also de last day for our Facebook page competition!

meow for now.

Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Target's Gotcha Day!

It's Target's Gotcha Day today so we're celebrating!  

This was Target 5 years ago
(for secret messages, roll your mouse over the pictures)
Target as a kitten
This is Target now...
Target getting ear squizzles

We will having extra cuddles, lots of treats, and we won't call him a fur brain all day long!
Target's self portrait with iPad
We're also launching our new book today. Miracle Cat is the story of how our senior cat Au came whisker-close to death and then recovered - thanks in part to a new miracle drug that kills the FIV virus.
Our new book!
This collection also includes stories of how Au and Target rule us all with a velvet paw as well as a section of general health tips for new cat owners. 

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Raw Feeding

My column Dog Talk today in The Star is all about raw feeding for dogs.  It includes information from vets and dog experts who are for it, against it and on the fence.  It also includes an interview with Siew Yen from Furrenz who makes and sells raw food in Malaysia.

If you have a dog, check it out!

I should say here that I am on the fence about raw food.

I feed Target and Guido raw beef - but I wouldn't feed them raw chicken or other meat as I would worry about salmonella.  The beef they get is top quality, carpaccio and steak tartare quality, and I eat it raw too. I would feed them sashami fish but it's too expensive.

I don't believe anyone should prepare all food for their pets at home, unless they are qualified animal nutritionists.  There is just too much juggling that goes into making food that has the right ingredients in the right proportions.

Because of this concern, I feed my pets manufactured food too.  Biscuits which I think help clean teeth, and quality wet food that has lots of taurine and all that other stuff that's essential for kitties.

Contamination and dodgy factories means that I never buy food or treats made in China.  I usually opt for products made in Thailand.  Touch wood it's been OK so far. 

As a caveat, I have to say that if my pets had allergies, or if Thailand started having pet food scandals, I would rethink all this - and probably end up taking a course in pet nutrition.

I'd be curious to discover what you all think about this issue.

See you Monday for Target's Gotcha Day?

Here's Yen who has her point of view talking about her raw food.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sore Paw

A few days ago, Target scraped his paw pads on his front right paw and his back left paw.  Most of it has healed but the back paw still has a small sore spot - right between the toes.

After a morning's snoopervising on my desk, Target got up to come for lunch and limped.  I panicked.

I toted him to the bedroom, turned him on his back and checked for broken bones, swelling, heat and so on.

Target whimpered beautifully and let me prod and poke him with a martyr-like air.

I'm relieved to tell you it's nothing.  It's a tiny raw patch about 3mm across.  But I'm sure it hurts.  So Target is tucked up on the sofa, and I am going to hover over him for a while.

See you on Facebook!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Work and Play

I am working on a new Katz Tales book that I hope to bring out on 22 October - which is also Target's Gotcha Day.

It will star Au and detail his journey back to health after being struck with FIV.

Our star is currently enjoying himself.  He is trying to see if he can eat his own weight in cold cuts.

Meow!  See you soon.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Guido Is Cute

Guido is growing up fast.  He's out and about all day, playing in the garden and hanging over the fence to talk to our neighbours whom he loves and who adore him.

His other hobbies are table surfing where he starts in the ferns, races in through the front door and then up the steps and into the air to sail onto the dining table. He then slides along the antique shawl that covers it, crashing into the wall.

Occasionally stuff crashes onto the floor, but that's all just part of the fun.

His other joy is chasing our fat little Target up and down the stairs and round and round the ferns. The two of them run about like furry little maniacs, squealing at the tops of their voices as they tear around corners.

By 8PM Guido is trashed and ready for dinner and cuddles. He purrs himself to sleep and by 4AM he's ready to start again.

He wakens us at 4 with meows, at 430 with purrs and at 5 with demands for cuddles.

We love our little cat but the early start is beginning to wear on us. Any ideas on how to advance his alarm clock to a decent 6AM?

PS to see Guido's secret thoughts, roll your mouse over his pictures!

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Friday, October 05, 2012

Au Is Fine

Three days ago Au woke me up just before 5 in the morning to say he was feeling sick.  I stroked his back while he yakked.

He didn't have a fever so I let him sleep all day.  That evening he asked for food, and then he yakked up his dinner - in two goes.

As Au is 14 years old and I am a fusspot, I held his paw most of the night that followed.  In the morning he seemed perfectly ok and he asked for food.  So I rushed off to the market at dawn to buy fresh chicken.
Au snoozling

While it roasted, Au demanded breakfast saying he was STARVING.  I gave him a sliver of ham and watched him anxiously.  He held it down.

When the chicken was ready, he ate and stalked about moaning about how hungry he was when I made him wait for seconds.  Then he had thirds and later fourths, all without any signs of being sick.

Au's a funny old boy.  He's a bit stand-offish sometimes but when he's ill he comes straight to me.  And now he's better, he's still grateful.  He came to say hello to me at 1 o'clock this morning and for a moment I thought he was feeling bad again.  But he just gave me a furry purry headbutt and went to sleep.

I love my old fuzzy.

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PPS Roll your mouse over Au to see what's he's thinking.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Target says Don't Be a Fur Brain! Live Strong

People say I am a fur brain but there are a few things I am furry certain about:

Truth: People don't get cancer because they are evil.

Truth: People don't get cancer because their family has done something evil.

I know this because as Mummy Cat says, "The devil is slow to take his own."

It's true. Just look at the bad people who live forever!

Nobody knows what causes cancer. Nobody. Not yet. But they can cure cancer.

We have more than a dozen friends who have beaten breast, prostate and bowel cancer.

Another important truth is this:

Prayers and bomohs can't cure you. Doctors can cure you!

Wildcat in Moscow
Con artists who promise miracle cures are out for one thing: they want to steal all your cat biscuits and treats money.

If you or someone you love has cancer, find help and support near you by calling the National Cancer Society of Malaysia at 03-2698 7300 and http://www.cancer.org.my

Calling early can mean fewer treatments!  In bad cases it can also save a life! 

Today is Livestrong day where bloggers unite to inspire and empower people affected by cancer.  Please share this message and support people who suffer from this problem. 


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Monday, October 01, 2012

Wildcat in Moscow, my new romance is out

Wildcat in Moscow, my new romance is out now.

Normal price US$4.99 but for 48 hours there's a discount of 70%!

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Offer expires 0808AM Wednesday 3rd October Malaysian time. 

Waring: there are no kitties in this books but there are some sex scenes.