Monday, November 25, 2013

Guido Is Adventurous

Mouse me to see what I'm thinking!
With all the wet weather (it's monsoon season) Guido is turning his paw to exploring indoors.

He has explored all the buttons on the printer/scanner - but he hasn't yet discovered how to lift the lid so he can make pics of his bum.

He has explored the new chair, and kicks T-man out of it practically every night. I've told T-man he's a dolt for letting Guido bully him but the two of them just giggle, so I guess they're happy.

Finally, Guido has discovered corned beef.  I bought
Mouse me to see what I'm thinking!
a tin last week out of sheer nostalgia (James Wiles!  I blame you!) and Guido instantly decided it was the nectar of the gods for cats. You can see his big smile here.

Target is spending half his time snoopervising my finishing off my assignments, and the other half shooing a Persian girl out of our house.  She's a half-wit cat who lives next door and she can't tell her home from ours.  She's also a tremendous sweetie so I'm telling Target to have some manners and to remember she's a lady. 

I'll get round to all of you during this week but from now till Christmas I'm focusing on exams (Masters in Counseling) so I'll be a bit hit and miss.  You can see us on Facebook!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Mouse me to see what I'm thinking
Guido brought us a rat last week, a dead rat. He presented it with a flourish and we all praised him like mad.  Target was extremely jealous, so Guido was totally chuffed. Thank goodness he hasn't repeated the act. I quite like rats and mice and it always bothers me to see one being slaughtered. Hopefully it was quick!

Now Gorogoro & Nikoniko have passed us the Mouses Award because, We enjoy rolling mouse over their photos to see their secret thoughts :-)

Thanks! The humans here MUCH prefer this to the Real Thing but don't tell Guido.

We'd like to pass it to Rumbles and Hammy as we think they'd like to bat about a mousie or two as well. 

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Target Refuses To Blog For Peace

Mouse me to see what I'm thinking!
Cat bloggers everywhere are blogging about world peace but Target is determined to fight a war.

We've got two new strays in the street, both HUGE, and they are terrifying the neighbourhood. Jigsaw and CJ from across the street take cover.  Guido shivers in his shoes. Even the dogs next door look intimidated.

But not Target.

Target stomps out, puffs up, screeches a war cry and takes them on.

Our street's a battlefield. So I'm keeping him in this morning and telling him how rude it is to fight.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Slave To The Fuzzles

Roll your mouse over me to see my secret thoughts
Target had a smashing gotcha day last week. We celebrated with some extra chikkun (which we do most days but never mind; it's the thought that counts!) and then he cleared my desk by swiping everything off with his paw.  Including a coffee cup I was rather fond of.

Target looked guilty when the cup smashed and had to be reassured with kisses but Guido has decided that a firm paw is needed to ensure his wants are tended to.  When he wants biscuits at 3AM, he's taken to putting a paw on my bum and sticking in all his Klaws. We are having a battle about his new management approach.  Although I'm bigger and older, I suspect I'm losing.

In short: all is well in the Katz Tales household!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Target: Tomorrow Is My 5th Gotcha Day!

Guess what!  Tomorrow is my 5th Gotcha Day!  Yes, it's been 5 years since mummy cat came to pick me up and take me home from my foster-mum-rescuer!

This is me as a kitten on the left, and this is me now on the right, as a handsome man cat.

Mummy cat says we'll do something special tomorrow.  I think it includes chikkun!

Also, my paw is better again. This is a good week!  I can feel it....

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guido: I Think The Pet Is A Survunt!

I have made an amazing discovery!  You know how 4AM is the purrfect time to play but your pets are in bed, roaring like tigers?  Well, I have learned how to Get Them Up!

So there I was, purring and giving furry purry headbutts to my Best Pet, with no results.  I tried the other Pet, and she wouldn't move either. I sat and thought, and thought, and then I remembered how Au used to talk about the Pets as Survunts. He wasn't afraid to scold them or to use his Klaws.

So I shouted, meow-meow-meow and I put the edge of my Klaw on the Pet - and it worked!  She got up and fed me biscuits! At 4AM!  She went back to bed again and hid under her pillow but I am furry optimistic.  If I do this efurry day, I can break down her resistance and make her do what I want!

I am now napping, recruiting my strength for tonight.  Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Target Has An Owie

Target got into a fight last week, and now he has a bite on his paw.  Can you see it?

He's cleaned it up himself, and it's healing nicely, but just look at the mess his fur's in!

I am giving him lots of extra cuddles, and a few lectures on the futility of fighting.

Hope all you other cats aren't out there fighting!

PS roll over Target's picture to see what he's thinking...

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Happy Tock-tober!

It's Tock-Tober, the month where we bring you furry kitty tocks. 

 These are Guido's.  Handsome.  Furry. With stripes.  Purrfect, right?
For more, visit us on Facebook at Katz Tales.

Monday, September 23, 2013

He's Coming Home!

My Best Pet's on his way home! He'll be here in an hour!
I'm waiting for him... 

And I'm being Furry Patient...

He's better be furry sorry for leaving us all for so long.  
And he's not getting his spot on the sofa back, or his side of the bed.  They're mine.  

Roll your mouse over the pictures for Guido and Target's secret thoughts. We'll post on Facebook when he's back!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Katz Tales Meow Like A Pirate!

Captn Tar-Gut makes a shocking discovery  

Will Deck Swab Guido have to walk the plank?

Luckily for Deck Swab Guido, Captn Tar-Gut has a secret.
After a night of too many cups of milk, Captn Tar-Gut decided to tell the world about his feelings for his Mummy Cat...

If you're meowing like a pirate, come drop anchor in our lagoon!  
Plenty of tuna for efurryone!  Aaaaaarrrr!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two Days Before We Meow Like Pirates!

Meow Like A Pirate Day is coming up on Thursday, September 19th so we're getting our swashes buckled and our hats defurred.

See you Thursday! Arrrrrrr! 

Monday, September 09, 2013

Target and Guido: Someone Is Packing!

Target: There's PACKING going on!  I was furry upset until I realised it's Tman going away.  That's ok.  Mummy Cat is staying. She'll look after me.

Guido: I don't like it...

Target: I bag T-man's side of the bed!

Guido: I want him to stay.

Target: When he goes, Mummy Cat will be lonely.  That means more squizzles for me!

Guido: Hmmm....

Target: And I bag his spot on the sofa too!

Guido: But....

Target: You'll miss out on squizzles because Tman is your Best Pet but I will be fine!

Guido: Actually...

Target: I'll miss him but he won't be away long.

Guido: When I was on Desk Duty I heard the Pet Skype to her mum and she said that while Tman is away, she'll be eating lots of salad.

Target: What?  Chikkun salad?  Tuna salad?

Guido: No.  Salad salad. No chikkun. No tuna.

Target: I don't believe it.

Guido: She wrote an email about being too fat... She said you're a bit too fat too. What's a Diet, Target? Is that a fun game you and your Mummy Cat are going to play?

Target: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Tman don't gooooooooooooooooooooo!

Run your mouse over the images to see what the cats are thinking.

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Monday, September 02, 2013

An Exciting Week

We've had an exciting week.  First, we have new neighbours.  Target and Guido watched with horror as they revealed a large dog.  A Doberman.  Guido snuck back into the house when he saw it, but Target sat on the roof of the Beetle and gave it hard stares. It worked, because the dog appears to be friendly and quiet.

Then our friend Happy from across the street managed to open a window and go on walkabout. He's an indoor cat so we were all worried about him.  We all searched the streets, looking for him.  An agonising 16 hours later, he came home, safe and sound. Guido and Target had Feline Greenies to celebrate.

Then our taps ran dry.  We haven't figured out yet precisely why, but it seems a rogue factory up country messed up the rivers. The cats were fine, but the humans a bit whiffy.

After three days, our taps began to run again, but it also rained.  Actually, it poured. Our street flooded, our doormat floated away, and we were a half centimeter away from having a flood in the living room. Guido and Target sat on the sofa, watching the rising water cover the garden and run up to the house. We were all relieved when the rain stopped just in time.

Today everything seems to be all right.  The cats are sitting on the roof of the Beetle, watching out for dogs, storms, and floods. They're also preening quietly because our neighbours next door and across the road keep walking past and saying, "Hello, sayangs!  Aren't you handsome cats?"

Yeah, they are!  And we're all hoping we have a nice, quiet week.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guido Is Tense

Guido is the sweetest and gentlest of cats.  He gets on with all the others in the street, but there's one  stripy cat hanging about that's different: Guido's convinced this cat is evil. 

Last night, just about dinner time, I heard Guido shouting.  I went out to see what was up, and saw him ducking under our neighbour's car, with the stripy cat ducking in after him.

It took a carefully inserted broom to sweep stripy one way and Guido the other. This scene was witnessed by two neighbours and their maids, all worried about our little Guido. When I picked our fuzzle up, he was unpuffed but still shaky. I carried him home, accompanied by calls of support from his loving audience.

Once safe inside, Guido was sniffed over by Target, squizzled by T-man and generally assured that all was well.  The doors were closed but Guido was still nervously looking about in case the evil cat appeared from behind the sofa.

This morning Guido is sitting on our garden wall, and the stripy cat is nowhere to be seen but Guido is tense. He really isn't a fighter but I'm not worried because Target is out there too.  Target is a sweetie but he isn't afraid of any cat.  If that stripy cat turns up and hisses at Guido, Target will whap him.

With his big brother beside him, Guido should be safe.I'm curious though what makes stripy cat different. When I find out, I'll let you know.

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PS to see what Guido's thinking, roll your mouse over his picture.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Guido Discovers The Scanner/Printer

Guido has been an office kitty these last few weeks. Target gets desk access priority as he is Senior Cat so Guido has been hanging out on the rug, the second desk, my lap... and then he discovered the printer/copier/scanner!

Our little fuzzy face knew straight off that this was an Interesting Machine.  He sat on it, bounced on it, and then stepped on all the buttons.

When the scanner came on, I expected him to be frightened but Guido was entranced.  When he discovered he could press the Print button and make the inner rollers buzz, he decided it was a Feline Fun Ride.

Guido now visits several times a day to play with "his" toy. When I bought it, I never would have guessed it to be such a good investment. Scanner/printers rock!

I have exams at the end of this week but will try to visit everyone.  If I miss you, see you next week!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

We're Back!

Target: Mummy Cat went away and she left us all alone!

Guido: T-man stayed home.  And he took time off work.

Target: T-man doesn't carry me sideways like Mummy Cat does!  And he doesn't call me his little kitten kursqueezul!

Guido: He shared his pillow with you, and I enjoyed getting half of the bed all to myself.  I was a Flump Kitty all night long.   

Target: We were starved!

Guido: T-man cooked liver for us.  With bacon.  And we got seconds of efurrything.

Target: Now Mummy Cat's back, I'm never leaving her out of my sight!

Guido: I can hear her opening up some of that yummy tuna we like.  Come on, Target, if we act Hurt and Abandoned, we might get seconds.

Target: I am hurt!  And I was abandoned!

Guido: You're a fur brain, Target.  When she comes, let me do the talking, ok?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Suitcase Time

As you can see by Target's inspection, I'm packing.

I'm off to Spain for two weeks to see my mum, and my brother is coming too. T-man is staying home with the kitties and then he is off to see his mum in the US next month.   

We'll keep our Facebook page updated once a day or so, and the Twitter feed will be going too but slowly. 

See you when in a fortnight!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Kitties Collapso

I'm gearing up for end of semester exams - and doing the usual work and writing etc etc - so things are a bit fraught.

Meanwhile, the cats are working in their own way.

My!  Am I glad I bought a treadmill!

You can see their secret thoughts by rolling your mouse over the picture.

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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Guido: I Am A Famous Hunter!

Hey, Guido here! I am Famous! The Pet wrote a story for the newspaper and I was in it!

There was a lot of dull stuff about how cats don't hunt by instinct but by learning it from their mummy cats.  I skipped that bit and focused on the important part: me!  

The Pet says she's Furry Impressed by my hunting skills.  And she loves the way I never kill anything!

It also had a picture of me, Hunting. 

I've decided to give her a present.  Tomorrow morning I shall go and catch a Frog.  One of those slippery ones that jumps like the Blazes.  I shall give it to her, in bed, at about 5AM, as a Surprise.  I've done it once before and she was so happy that she screamed.


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Monday, July 01, 2013

Target Has Hysterics

Yesterday we were preparing our usual Sunday BBQ (lamb, supplemented by a stir-fry of mushrooms, aubergine and French beans in garlic).

Target adores this kind of day, and was happily lying behind my feet in the kitchen. I'm convinced he does this so that I will trip over him and then he can claim extra lamb in "compensation".

Anyway, the kitchen cats were playing in the trees outside, full of the joys of life after a boiled chicken liver breakfast.  Climbing about, they looked into the kitchen and shouted, "Meoooooooooooowwwwww!" as in, "Look at meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Target took one look and had a hissy fit. He was convinced they were after me, his lunch or both.  So he got up onto the counter and guarded the lamb.

He didn't sniff at it, lick it or go near it; he just sat there and watched it.  And every now and again, he turned to look over his shoulder to hiss at the outside cats.

I do love my little fur brain.

Roll your mouse over him to see what he's thinking.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Living in the BBQ

It's the same story every year: farmers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand set fires to clear the jungle for their crops and all of Asia is covered in a disgusting cloud of smoke for weeks on end.  We've got hazardous levels of smoke, and as I write this, my eyes are watering.  It's like living inside a BBQ.

The cats have runny eyes too and are a bit quieter than usual. Guido goes outside and sits in a tent of leaves, staring out in bafflement at the funny air.   Target goes out for his early morning stroll and then comes inside to roll about on the sofa.

If you want to see what they're thinking, roll your mouse over their pictures.

And we humans are crossing our fingers and toes, hoping there will be a downpour that will douse all those fires!

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Monday, June 17, 2013


Run your mouse over Target to see what he's thinking
We've been having disturbed nights.  Last night Target woke me up at about 2AM.  He couldn't sleep so he was sneaking out of the bed to go stretch his paws.

Unfortunately our clumsy fluff trampled all over me on his way out of bed, so I woke up.

I moved and by doing so moved against Guido who woke up.

All three of us were awake, listening to T-man do his tiger impression.

We did the whole thing again at 4AM at which point I offered the furred ones biscuits, and went to the spare room that's dark and quiet.

Guido and Target went for a walk and joined me about 15 minutes later.  At 7AM it was time to start the week and all three of us have been yawning over my coffee.  Now Target has decided enough's enough and he's gone for a nap.

Wish I could.

Happy Monday!

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