Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our New Office Look

I've cleaned out my office and made a few changes.  As you can see, Target now has plenty of desk space, and he is reclining on grapes, pears and plums.  This is because contact paper is about as DIY as I get.

Target also wishes to deny the rumours that he is Storm Chase.  Despite that paw draped over the keyboard, he doesn't do the typing, he only provides purrs for motivation.

We are busier than bees but plan to do the rounds in the next 48 hours.  See you all soon!

Chocolate by Storm Chase is a fun fast read with a feisty heroine and a dark hero with a soft center. Available from Kindle for 99 cents.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Battle Cats!

Target and Guido play a stately game of Battle Cats every morning where Guido bites Target in the neck(s) - Target is a bit roly-poly - and Target bunnykicks Guido.

Now we're playing on the sofa at night too.

I'm so glad I got the cats this sofa.  Not only is it perfect for sharing fur but it's also big enough to contain a battle field and seating space for fans.

For the rest we are happy to see you all back from the holidays.  We've visiting again, so see you later today or tomorrow!

We've also been busy!  We've got a new book out on Amazon Kindle for 99 Cents:

“What’s going on?” Micah asked gently. “You say you’re an escort and you’re dressed like a wet dream come true. But you are embarrassed when I look at you. And when I offer to hire you, you turn me down flat. Furthermore, you were so frightened of me earlier that you hit me over the head with a frozen leg of lamb and yet now you are here, all curled up and cosy - in my bed I might add - when you could be halfway back to London or the nearest police station.” 

“I, I,” Bryony stuttered. “It’s complicated.” 

“So I see,” Micah said. 

When Micah accidentally kills a major drug dealer, and Bryony is the only witness, Micah decides the only solution is to keep an eye on her while he makes plans to leave the country. However, when Micah and Bryony start talking to each other, things don't work out quite as either of them expect. Lost Weekend is a love story with a hint of murder and a heroine who decides she likes it best when she's on top.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Au: My New Year's Resolushun

did you all have a good holiday?  we did.  de male took some time off work so i had both survunts at home. dis is how it should be ALL de time!

at de survunt's suggestchun i haf been thinking abowt my life.  she says i should think abowt where i am going and what i want.

i haf decided i am not going to de vet efur again. and what i want is more rost chikkun and more ham.

For my secrut wish, roll your mouse over my piktchure.

de fur brains Target and Guido will post dere ideas on de Tabby Cat Club wall.  now you can admire me eating chikkun owt of my cat bowl.  it's good, isn't it?

Happy New Year!