Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Target Is Senior Cat

Target is now Senior Cat.  It's a very weird concept and one we're all finding it hard to adjust to.

Funnily enough, I was outside yesterday and Target was frisking along my ankles, kissing, purring and behaving in his usual kitten kersqueezul way when our neighbour popped up and said, "You'd never guess that he was holding FOUR cats at bay this morning with just a look, would you?"

So it turns out that my baby cat went across the street for a second breakfast, knowing our kind neighbour feeds strays there.  Apparently Target just swans in, puffs up and tells them all to back off or else. And they do.

Can you believe that this face could be that tough????

And no wonder he's an ounce away from a gravitational collapse!

I have read him a lecture on Sharing, Kindness and Greed.  I don't think it worked.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

900th Post And A Change

Target: Hi, Target here! Since Au passed away two weeks ago, we've had some changes.  For one thing, I am now Senior Cat!  And because I am Senior Cat, I thought I'd write our 900th post. 

Guido: Senior does not mean Boss.

Target: Does so.

Guido: We wrassled and I won.

Target: Because I was all nipped out!

Guido: Hehehe... yeah. I wonder how that Nip Cushion got there???

Target: *whispers* i am sooo going to whap you when this is over. Ahem, as I said, 900th post and we've won an award from Stephanie and Athena who want to know all about us. We picked 10 of their questions.

What/who was your inspiration for your blog?
Target: Us! And Au and Scoop, cats who Came Before Us.
Guido: My quest for world domination.  It's Covert so I won't mention it.
Scoop and Au - Cats Who Came Before

What are your favorite hobbies? 
Guido: Lizard spotting, cockroach hunting and wrestling.
Target: Cuddling, snoozing and trying out new cuisine.

Have you been changed by a place you've visited? 
Target: The vet!  We won't discuss that.
Guido: Exactly!

Has your pet ever done anything to embarrass you in public?
Target: You mean like calling me kitten kersqueezul? All the time!
Guido: And she often mentions your big bum.
Target: i am sooo going to whap you
What is your favorite animal?  Why? 
Guido: Cats!  because we are the best!
Target:Roast lamb or beef.  I loooove red meat.
Guido:  Right, what Target said. And Tuna.

One thing that you think is wrong with this world?
Guido: Not enough tuna!

What is the farthest away place from home you've visited?

Target: The Galactic Center!
Guido: That was Star Trek!
Target: Still counts...

How did you get your first pet?
Guido: I crawled into a pet shop and then my Pets came to collect me from my Foster Pet.
Target: I think she was talking about that lizard we almost got the other day. Or those cockroaches we trapped.
Guido: Nah....

What/who is/are your inspiration(s) for choosing names for your pet(s)?

Guido: It depends on how late dinner is.
Target: Idiot, this is why I am Senior Cat! She's not talking about Mummy Cat or T-man.
Guido: Must be.  It's not like we name our cockroaches. 

Do you have a favorite animal-related book?  
Target: Easy!  The books about me! They're here at Smashwords!
Guido: Oh brother.  I can't wait for a book to be written about me.

Target: We think a lot of you already have the Liebster award, so if you don't please consider yourself tagged!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Microchipping your Cat - Sponsored Post

Microchipping your cat: What you need to know

This is a post brought to you by Pets at Home and a topic worth thinking about. With a cute picture of Target.
Roll your mouse of Target to see what he's thinking

One of the greatest things about owning a cat is the independence they have. Their distinct personalities and sense of self-ownership are wonderful characteristics - until they go missing!

Their curiosity often gets the better of them, and it's not uncommon to hear about them disappearing for days on end before wandering back into the house tired and hungry.

Microchipping is ideal - essential, even - for keeping your own peace of mind and ensuring your pet is safe.

A microchip is smaller than a single grain of rice.It contains your contact information and is implanted painlessly under the skin within seconds.

If your pet does go missing, a vet or animal control warden can scan them and return your pet to you. Also, once you've registered you pet as missing, a notification will go out to rescue centres and local authorities.

Another option is a tracking collar that allows you to see your pet on a satellite map.The collar has anti-cut technology and location-based alerts.

Finally, microchipping can often bring down the price of insurance, especially on policies which promise a payout if pets are lost, like the Pets at Home Insurance (UK) cat policy.

Talk to your vet about microchipping today.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Life After Au

Guido smiling
Thanks for all your messages of condolence.  We really appreciate it.

Au passed away a week ago and we're fine - as long as we don't think about it. 

On Saturday at the supermarket I headed over to the ham counter without thinking, and burst into tears, considerably surprising our friends there. 

One thing: Getting Guido to be a friend for Target was the best thing we're ever done.

The two boys were a bit quiet last week but I think that was more due to our grief than theirs.  But most of the time they are wrassling, exploring, playing and hanging together.  By 8PM they are crashed out on the sofa with us.

Target fast asleep
It's good to see them being happy.

I'll be round to say hi in the next few days.


Au and Target - taken only 2 weeks ago

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Au 1998 - 2013

Au passed away on Sunday evening at 530PM.  As you may know, Au was ill a month ago, and then recovered. 

But a week ago, he wasn't feeling well again.  He was listless and didn't want to eat.  The vet gave him some meds, including an appetite spike, but Au just didn't want to eat more than a lick of milk or little bit of fish juice.

As Au has been at death's door several times in his life, we were hopeful.  But this time it wasn't to be. 

He became weaker and weaker and on Saturday evening something changed in his eyes and body.  He wasn't suffering but we knew it wouldn't be long.  On Sunday he was still the same. We didn't want him to waken up in the middle of the night and suffer serious pain, so on Sunday evening we went to the vet.

Au fell asleep in my arms.  He wasn't afraid or worried.  It was very peaceful. We buried him next to Scoop in the garden that they both loved.  Target and Guido were there too.

Au was a wonderful cat, who really had a zest for life.  And rost chikkun.  And ham.  It was a privilege to be his survunt.

We're going to be a bit absent this week.  See you soon.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Au, Target and Guido meet a Valkyrie

I've been meeting other writers, and the cats decided they wanted to get in on the act.  So here's Target, Au and Guido holding their first joint author interview.

Target: Mummy Cat is making new friends.  One of them is Lilly Vanhorn who writes fantasy erotica books.  She's just got a new one out: Can you tell us a bit about the book, Lilly?
Au: dis is Lady F who is de inspirashun behind Valkeeree Slumbering

Lilly: After the murder of her father, Kyra's heart is consumed by the need for revenge. The hunt is all that matters. But a chance crossing of paths with the alluring and mysterious Grim threatens to derail her focus and her quest.

TargetMummy Cat says I am her inspiration cat. Do you have an inspiration cat?

Lilly: Of course, who doesn't? My inspiration cat is Lady F (for Fluffy). She has a knack for showing up when my muse refuses to work and sleeping on my desk. It always reminds me not to take myself too seriously and to let the story happen.

TargetYour book, does it involve cuddling?

Lilly: There is a bit of cuddling.

Au: Yech.  Kuddling is soppy! 

TargetYou cuddle Mummy Cat.

Au: Shut up, fur brain!

Guido: Shut up you two!  Hey, Lilly! Valkyries hunt and fight, right? Can Kyra help me beat up the big evil cat from down the road?

Lilly:Absolutely, she could teach you a few handy tricks.

Au:  Bet she'll make you pay for it!

Guido: Lilly, will Kyra make me cuddle her afterwards?

Lilly:Well, she might.

Au: See!  Don't do it, Guido! So Lilly, if dis book is abowt slumbering, why is dere no cat hero?

Lilly: Because there isn't a lot of sleeping in this story. ;)

Au:  dere should be! we cats nap 22 hours a day.

Guido: If you didn't nap so much, Au, you could help me fight that big cat.

Au:  I bet dis Kyra learned to fight from a cat!

Lilly: No, but she would have had some wicked moves if so!

Au: well, dat's true. we cats are de best slumburers in the world and the best fighturs! de more i think abowt dis, de more dis Kyra sounds like a cat.  dis gives me an idea.  hey Lilly, does Kyra like rost chikkun?

Lilly: Of course!

Au:  if I tell other cats about dis book, will Kyra send me rost chikkun?

Lilly: Absolutely!

Au: all right, and if she feels de need to cuddle, she can cuddle de fur brains.

Guido: Oy! that's soooo rude!

Au: Shut up and I'll share de chikkun wif you.

Guido: OK. And I volunteer Target for any cuddling that comes up.

Au: OK cats, you can find Valkyrie Slumbering on: Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Smashwords You can find Lily at her blog, on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest Visit her and remind her to send me some chikkun.

TargetHey!  I'm not a fur brain!  And I want some of that chicken too!