Friday, April 26, 2013

Target: I Am Helping Out

Target here! How've you been? We've been furry busy.

This is me!
After Mummy Cat finished her exams, we cleaned the office. I found my ribbon! The red one!

Then we caught up on work. I helped by snoopervising. And by stepping on the Escape key.

I also like the reset button but Mummy Cat has taped a box over it. Funny that. She used to squeal with joy every time I stepped on that when she was working.

And now we're working on completing our next book.  It's called The Mule: An Erotic Romance in Colombia and it's all about this girl who gets into trouble. I'm helping by holding down the CAPS key at all the important moments.

There's one thing though: when MC is writing, she often asks me things like, "If you were with a girl cat and she had her front paws here and here, where would you put your paws?"

It's kind of weird because I'm a Retired Gentleman Cat and don't do gymnastics with girl cats.

Still, as Office Snooperviser it's my job to help, so I show her exactly what I'd do: I'd bite any girl cat who put her paws all over me.

I hope it helps.

PS This is me, hanging out in bed. Run your mouse over me to read my secret thoughts.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We're Back!

Target is fuzzing
We finished our first exams and are taking a mid semester break.  Target is fuzzing, Guido is upside down in his best box, and I'm trying to catch up with work and finishing off another novel.  In other words: life as always!

We've also got a new friend.  This silver cat turned up about 3 weeks ago.  He's a total softy and not meant to live on the streets. We thought he was lost but nobody has come to collect him, despite advertising and word of mouth chitchat. 

Guido in his best box
We've neutered and vaccinated him, and given his a name: Long John Silver, or John for short. We think he may be a relative of Boris Puteh, and we hope that John will be reunited with his family as Boris was. 

As you can imagine, Target HATES John but Guido like him.

We'll be round to visit but there's a bit of a problem: our PC died and we lost some of our bookmarks.  So if we don't visit, leave a comment with your blog link, ok?
John on our Beetle

PS run your mouse over the pics to see secret thoughts!