Monday, May 27, 2013

CJ - Cat Terrorist

CJ, the cat formerly known as Long John Silver and homeless, now has a nice home across the street with a free flow of food, TWO cat baskets and a cardboard box but our grey raider sneaks into the house at all hours, stealing food and scaring the bejesus out of Target.

Yesterday, at 6AM, on a Sunday! after our nutty neighbours celebrated the call to prayer with half an hour of techno!!! Target decided enough was enough and whapped CJ.

As you can imagine, there was much lamenting and quite a bit of rude hissing.  CJ ran off and I had to apologise later to his mum for a scratched ear.

Luckily she just looked her pet over and said very calmly, "Serves him right." CJ did not look guilty!

Here he is, looking furry handsome.  Run your mouse over him to see his secret thoughts.

And if you're short of reading matter, do take a look at Lost Weekend: An Erotic Romance in Wales that features Surprise, a large black cat.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Guido: Someone Nicked My Breakfast!

This morning at breakfast I had a mouthful or so of Tuna and then went out for a stroll. When I came back, I discovered that Fat Target, the one who claims to be Senior Cat, ate his breakfast - AND FINISHED MINE!!!

So I need more breakfast. 

I'll make you a deal.  You can pet my tummy and pay me in Tuna. With sauce. And those little Slivers Of Crab.  Pet me because my tummy is Purrfect and I am furry hungry.

Oh, and the Pet has a new book out.  The Mule is all about Cleo, a pole dancer who finds love in Colombia.  I think Cleo has a nice tummy but it's not furry so I don't think anyone will give her tuna to pet it.  Just saying...

For my secret thoughts, run your mouse over the pictures.

Monday, May 13, 2013

It's HOT!

It's been about 36C or 38C for over a week now. And as it's humid in Malaysia, we're sweltering.

Target and Guido run riot in the early morning when it's a cool 25C and by nine o'clock, they come in, settle in their fave fan spot and do this:

I'm thinking of joining them!

BTW, I've removed all my books from Amazon. If you want a Storm Chase novel, please go to Smashwords, Kobo, BarnesandNoble or other store.

Lost Weekend: An Erotic Romance in Wales
By Storm Chase

When Micah accidentally kills a drug dealer, and Bryony is the only witness, Micah decides to keep an eye on her while he makes plans to leave the country. However, when Micah and Bryony start talking, things don't work out quite as either of them expect. Lost Weekend is a love story with a hint of murder and a heroine who decides she likes it best when she's on top.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Guido Is Chatty

Guido is in a good mood.  He's been playing in the garden, hunting frogs in the drain. When he gets one, he puts his paw on it, waits until the frog hisses and then let's it go again.  I think it's the feline equivalent of playing with wind up cars.

Now he's sitting on the wall, saying, "Hi!"

He also woke me up to say, "Hi!" at one and six o'clock this morning.  And in case I missed it, he put his nose in my ear and said it again.  louder.

Our little Guido is a chatty cat and we love him dearly.  Even at one and six o'clock this morning.