Sunday, June 23, 2013

Living in the BBQ

It's the same story every year: farmers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand set fires to clear the jungle for their crops and all of Asia is covered in a disgusting cloud of smoke for weeks on end.  We've got hazardous levels of smoke, and as I write this, my eyes are watering.  It's like living inside a BBQ.

The cats have runny eyes too and are a bit quieter than usual. Guido goes outside and sits in a tent of leaves, staring out in bafflement at the funny air.   Target goes out for his early morning stroll and then comes inside to roll about on the sofa.

If you want to see what they're thinking, roll your mouse over their pictures.

And we humans are crossing our fingers and toes, hoping there will be a downpour that will douse all those fires!

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Monday, June 17, 2013


Run your mouse over Target to see what he's thinking
We've been having disturbed nights.  Last night Target woke me up at about 2AM.  He couldn't sleep so he was sneaking out of the bed to go stretch his paws.

Unfortunately our clumsy fluff trampled all over me on his way out of bed, so I woke up.

I moved and by doing so moved against Guido who woke up.

All three of us were awake, listening to T-man do his tiger impression.

We did the whole thing again at 4AM at which point I offered the furred ones biscuits, and went to the spare room that's dark and quiet.

Guido and Target went for a walk and joined me about 15 minutes later.  At 7AM it was time to start the week and all three of us have been yawning over my coffee.  Now Target has decided enough's enough and he's gone for a nap.

Wish I could.

Happy Monday!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sharing Is For Wusses, erm Pussies

We adore Guido but there is one tiny flaw in his character: Guido does not share.  If you try to put your whiskers in his bowl, he whaps with a heavy paw.  For Target (and formerly Au) this is an incomprehensible cattitude.  I mean, there's plenty of food, and the stuff in the other bowl always looks better, so why not do the cat food bowl dance and share and share alike?

Roll your mouse over Guido to see what he's thinking
We were thinking Guido's eating style was set but yesterday that changed.  Our junior cat came into the bathroom where the emergency biscuit bowl is and announced he was totally starving. Unfortunately for him, I had just topped up supplies and Target was munching away on fresh crunchies.

Guido just sat there looking totally pathetic.  So I lifted the bowl a few inches into the air, pushed Guido a bit closer and invited him to take a biscuit.  Guido looked a bit nervous but he was hungry so he shoved in his face and took a quick bite.  Target just moved his nose a bit so that Guido had more space. Target is furry sweet that way.

The two cats ate from the same bowl. This morning they were back at taking turns, but I think that if I "help" Guido to share every now and again, he'll loosen up and let Target into his bowl too. That would make Target happy because he loathes waiting for his turn.

I could put up two biscuit bowls upstairs, but we already have two separate biscuit and water bowls downstairs and one of each upstairs and I'm not keen to add to the set-out.

Cross fingers cats do learn new tricks!

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Monday, June 03, 2013


It's so hot this week (again!) that we're all melting.

We were up and about this morning at dawn to catch that half hour of breeze.

Target posed on the car and did his Lion Of The Savannah impression.

But after that it was all just too hot for furry people.

Guido is all curled up in the cat carrier. He won't be moving till the sun goes down.

Target is in bed now, lying in the spot under the fan.

I want to go to bed too or to lie in a swimming pool but it's not going to happen.

Work beckons.

We'll visit you all, after we have an iced coffee.

My mum in Spain says it's 10C in the morning.  Wish we had a bit of her cool!

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