Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guido Is Tense

Guido is the sweetest and gentlest of cats.  He gets on with all the others in the street, but there's one  stripy cat hanging about that's different: Guido's convinced this cat is evil. 

Last night, just about dinner time, I heard Guido shouting.  I went out to see what was up, and saw him ducking under our neighbour's car, with the stripy cat ducking in after him.

It took a carefully inserted broom to sweep stripy one way and Guido the other. This scene was witnessed by two neighbours and their maids, all worried about our little Guido. When I picked our fuzzle up, he was unpuffed but still shaky. I carried him home, accompanied by calls of support from his loving audience.

Once safe inside, Guido was sniffed over by Target, squizzled by T-man and generally assured that all was well.  The doors were closed but Guido was still nervously looking about in case the evil cat appeared from behind the sofa.

This morning Guido is sitting on our garden wall, and the stripy cat is nowhere to be seen but Guido is tense. He really isn't a fighter but I'm not worried because Target is out there too.  Target is a sweetie but he isn't afraid of any cat.  If that stripy cat turns up and hisses at Guido, Target will whap him.

With his big brother beside him, Guido should be safe.I'm curious though what makes stripy cat different. When I find out, I'll let you know.

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PS to see what Guido's thinking, roll your mouse over his picture.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Guido Discovers The Scanner/Printer

Guido has been an office kitty these last few weeks. Target gets desk access priority as he is Senior Cat so Guido has been hanging out on the rug, the second desk, my lap... and then he discovered the printer/copier/scanner!

Our little fuzzy face knew straight off that this was an Interesting Machine.  He sat on it, bounced on it, and then stepped on all the buttons.

When the scanner came on, I expected him to be frightened but Guido was entranced.  When he discovered he could press the Print button and make the inner rollers buzz, he decided it was a Feline Fun Ride.

Guido now visits several times a day to play with "his" toy. When I bought it, I never would have guessed it to be such a good investment. Scanner/printers rock!

I have exams at the end of this week but will try to visit everyone.  If I miss you, see you next week!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

We're Back!

Target: Mummy Cat went away and she left us all alone!

Guido: T-man stayed home.  And he took time off work.

Target: T-man doesn't carry me sideways like Mummy Cat does!  And he doesn't call me his little kitten kursqueezul!

Guido: He shared his pillow with you, and I enjoyed getting half of the bed all to myself.  I was a Flump Kitty all night long.   

Target: We were starved!

Guido: T-man cooked liver for us.  With bacon.  And we got seconds of efurrything.

Target: Now Mummy Cat's back, I'm never leaving her out of my sight!

Guido: I can hear her opening up some of that yummy tuna we like.  Come on, Target, if we act Hurt and Abandoned, we might get seconds.

Target: I am hurt!  And I was abandoned!

Guido: You're a fur brain, Target.  When she comes, let me do the talking, ok?

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