Monday, November 25, 2013

Guido Is Adventurous

Mouse me to see what I'm thinking!
With all the wet weather (it's monsoon season) Guido is turning his paw to exploring indoors.

He has explored all the buttons on the printer/scanner - but he hasn't yet discovered how to lift the lid so he can make pics of his bum.

He has explored the new chair, and kicks T-man out of it practically every night. I've told T-man he's a dolt for letting Guido bully him but the two of them just giggle, so I guess they're happy.

Finally, Guido has discovered corned beef.  I bought
Mouse me to see what I'm thinking!
a tin last week out of sheer nostalgia (James Wiles!  I blame you!) and Guido instantly decided it was the nectar of the gods for cats. You can see his big smile here.

Target is spending half his time snoopervising my finishing off my assignments, and the other half shooing a Persian girl out of our house.  She's a half-wit cat who lives next door and she can't tell her home from ours.  She's also a tremendous sweetie so I'm telling Target to have some manners and to remember she's a lady. 

I'll get round to all of you during this week but from now till Christmas I'm focusing on exams (Masters in Counseling) so I'll be a bit hit and miss.  You can see us on Facebook!

Oh, and we'll be holding International rafflecopters for ebooks every week from now till Christmas too. Bookmark the Storm Chase blog page to see what's up on offer.

This week's Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Mouse me to see what I'm thinking
Guido brought us a rat last week, a dead rat. He presented it with a flourish and we all praised him like mad.  Target was extremely jealous, so Guido was totally chuffed. Thank goodness he hasn't repeated the act. I quite like rats and mice and it always bothers me to see one being slaughtered. Hopefully it was quick!

Now Gorogoro & Nikoniko have passed us the Mouses Award because, We enjoy rolling mouse over their photos to see their secret thoughts :-)

Thanks! The humans here MUCH prefer this to the Real Thing but don't tell Guido.

We'd like to pass it to Rumbles and Hammy as we think they'd like to bat about a mousie or two as well. 

Finally, as we warned you last week, we're holding giveaway every week until Christmas, so keep checking back to see what's on offer.  This week's giveaway is for The Gift: An Erotic Romance in Kiev, a happy story featuring the irrepressible Max, a Gothic musician and composer.  To enter, visit here.  


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Target Refuses To Blog For Peace

Mouse me to see what I'm thinking!
Cat bloggers everywhere are blogging about world peace but Target is determined to fight a war.

We've got two new strays in the street, both HUGE, and they are terrifying the neighbourhood. Jigsaw and CJ from across the street take cover.  Guido shivers in his shoes. Even the dogs next door look intimidated.

But not Target.

Target stomps out, puffs up, screeches a war cry and takes them on.

Our street's a battlefield. So I'm keeping him in this morning and telling him how rude it is to fight.

On the other paw, we're holding a giveaway for The Mule: An Erotic Romance in Colombia.  We'll be holding giveaway every week until Christmas, so keep checking back to see what's on offer.  This week's giveaway is listed here.