Monday, January 27, 2014

Guido: We've Got Bees!

We've had a furry exciting morning because we had BEES!

On Caturday, the Pet saw some bees on the small roof. She poked about inside (she's curious like a cat) and she found a bee nest!

Today the Bomba came to take them away! And we didn't get to see it because the Pet locked us inside! And she took CJ to his house, so he didn't get to see it either! And neither did Bobby or Jigsaw or any of the other cats!

Luckily the Pet took some photos.

The bomba team looking under the roof tiles
The bomba taking off tiles.

The bomba set fire to the nest - it's okay because they have a water hose!

The bee nest

Me, looking for bees
The Pet said she felt Furry Guilty about taking away the nest but these bees Swarm and we might get Hurt. That's what she said but I like bees because they Buzz and you can Whap them with your Paw. I want a bee as a Pet!

Funnily enough when the Pet went outside to clean things up, one bee came and stung her in the toe.  She had to take her toe next door to Aunty Lillian to make sure there wasn't a Sting Left Inside.  There wasn't.

The Pet says that it's Only Proper for the bees to Take Revenge and she doesn't mind having a sore toe.

I've been thinking about this and I think it means that she wants me to bite her in the toes when she's being difficult - like not letting me out at 3AM and refusing to play Kitty In The Bocks, a game Au made up, at 5AM.

Sounds good, right?

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Target: I Am A Slimmer Kitty

So Mummy Cat is busy earning cat biscuits, studying for her Masters and writing books so she says, "Something has to go!"

I thought it might be Guido but she meant the blog!  That's not right because efurryone needs to hear all about me, right?  Right!

So I will be taking over the blog. And as Guido whapped me silly, begged to share, he will post sometimes every second week.

So anyway, my first post is about weight management.  You may have noticed that I was a tad heavy in the rear last year?  Just a tiny little bit?  Well, Mummy Cat came up with this idea for fixed evening dinners.  Instead of me coming in and getting dinner from her, and then a second dinner from T-man, and then eating a third dinner when Guido comes in, we now both eat one dinner at 8PM.

I am a slimmer kitty. Just check my butt.

That's the official line: cats, come closer and listen. Not all is lost!  When your Mummy Cat does something daft like this, you have the power of the paw and the meow to ask for sekunds.  Just eat efurrything in one go, and then look at the bowl and turn it over.  Look totally pathetic. Your Mummy Cat will instantly ask if you are totally starving.  A meow! and a furry purry headbutt and she's yours.  And so are sekunds.


When I figure out how to get thirds, I'll post again.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Target: My Favourite Breakfast

I'm sitting on my towel on my garden bench because I'm trying to figure out a big problem.

It's a holiday in Malaysia tomorrow because it's the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday, and Mummy Cat just told me that she's going to the market to buy something nice for lunch.

"If you like, I'll buy you something nice for breakfast too. Would you like that, my kitten kersqueezul?"

That's what she calls me, see?  Kitten kersqueezul, angel darling sweetie pie, cat kerfliffle, and squeezlebug cat fluff. Au used to say it's because she's nuts but I think it's because I'm special and I deserve special names. It makes me purr when she talks that way.

"If you're purring that means yes," Mummy Cat said.  "Now what would you like for breakfast tomorrow?"

So now I've got a problem because I don't know what I want.

On Saturday I had crab Shaomai and shrimp dumplings because we always have Dim Sum on Saturday mornings and those two are my favourites. Yesterday I had barbequed chicken that was left over from Saturday lunch.  This morning I got really lucky because Mummy Cat was making boeuf bourguignon so I got steak!

They're all my favourites and now I don't know what I want!  Well, apart from seconds.  I really need seconds because Guido is always getting stuff too.  He scoffs Dim Sum, chicken and steak like he's got a python stuffed down his paws! He eats efurrything!

Hmm, I think I know what I want.  Just roll your mouse over me to find out!

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Thursday, January 02, 2014

We're Celebrating New Year With Toys!

We've been busy with exams and stuff but now we're back.  Happy New Year!

We got an 8 lucky coin pendent from Ollie's mum last week. It's a gift that's supposed to increase your luck.  This picture isn't it because Target immediately took it away and put it somewhere safe but it's almost the same.

Boy did it work because the day after Target and Guido got a parcel. As you can see, it was marked URGENT.

We don't celebrate Christmas but someone decided that the kitties needed some new toys, soooooo....... Sandy Claws placed a late order with Bin for some p-lows. These p-lows are filled with silvervine - a type of cat nip.

Guido immediately claimed the one with the action cartoon cover.

Target picked the classic batik.

A third one went to the cats across the street as a New Year present.

We hope your New Year is filled with joy, good luck, excellent health and lots of nip toys, rost chikkun and other goodies.  We'll see you on Facebook!