Monday, February 24, 2014

Target: Prizes and Treats!

This is me, looking furry saintly.  This is because it wasn't me who told T-man that I hadn't had any breakfast and it also wasn't me who ate all the cat biscuits and that dish of tuna Mummy Cat set out for me.

I was totally starving and I needed that second breakfast tuna. Also, there was chikkun in the fridge and Tman said it need eating up. I helped him and I deserve credit for that.

I am not a dustbin on four paws, nor am I a pig-in-fur.  I am a gourmet, a cat who delights in nibbles. Also chikkun.  And tuna.  And a bit of steak sounds pretty good too.

Now that's all sorted out: our Giveaway worked!  We got the entries sorted out and the machine picked winners.

The winners are....... *drum roll*......

Nellie and her family Kosmo and the slobbery sisters
Gorogoro and Nikoniko
Lucy and her mum Hilary

Concatulations!!!! We're writing to you all now!

Seeing it all went well, we'll have some exciting prizes coming end of this month so keep an eye on our blog. 

PS to see what I'm thinking, roll your mouse over me!
PPS I also like lamb...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Guido: We're Giving Stuff Away!

Me looking handsome!

You know how the Pet was moaning that she's too busy to blog, so me and Target have taken over?  Well, we've put our furry faces together and  then I nipped Target's neck and he whapped my nose we're thinking of holding some giveaways over 2014.

We're not sure what the best way to go about this is, so we're starting today by trying out a new Giveaway tool.

For our test run, Target got his paws on the Pet's latest short story: The Musher and the Stringer.  It has Kissing and Romance as well as Huskies and Snow.

Try it out and we'll announce the winners next Monday.  Unless it goes pear-shaped in which case Target will have to apologise as he's the Host Cat next week.

I'm not just handsome you know; I'm a Leader!

PS Roll your mouse over me to see what I'm thinking...

Monday, February 03, 2014

Target: Me in My Teeny Weeny String Bikini

Our cat and dog pals are donning their best knickers in order to raise money for charity. Check it out on FB! 

Also, if you've five minutes, Mummy Cat is researching how people look for health information online.  It's anonymous, simple and she'll use the information to publish a paper to help health care providers empower clients.  Fill out the form here! 

And in case we missed you on our Katz Tales Facebook page, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wishing you a Prosperous, Auspicious, Happy and Healthy Year of the Horse.