Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Guido: Claim Your Pet!

I'm spreading ginger furrs that say this Pet's mine, mine, mine!
You're not going to believe this.  I've spent years training the Pets to do my bidding.  It wasn't easy but I've got them to the point where they squizzle my ears and feed me Tuna on command at any time during the day.  Okay: they're still Difficult at night.  I mean, trying to shift the Pet is impossible at 3AM and even the Best Pet grumbles when I chivvy him out of bed to top up my biscuits, but we're Getting There!

So, here's me, finally enjoying a bit of Reasonable Service when I caught the Pet squizzling a strange cat down the street! Later on, she went out and came back smelling of dogs!!!   It gets worse: the Best Pet squizzled the Purrsian Pest from next door!!! ON MY OWN WALL!!!

Clearly the word has gone out that there are two well trained Pets here and now efurryone is after them.  I'm taking precautions.  Roll your mouse over me to see how. And take my advice: Keep An Eye On Your Pets!