Scoop lying on the Volkswagen BeetleThis is Scoop. Originally a street kitty from Kuching, the most beautiful town in Sarawak, Borneo, Scoop decided he wanted to live in a home with a comfortable sofa and hard working servants.

Scoop lived with us for 11 years and developed some very fine tastes. He loved baked chicken, and imported ham but he would settle for boiled chicken liver, or commercial cat food.

His favourite post-prandial occupation was having his tummy rubbed.

Scoop passed away 20th September 2007 at about 6PM. He lived a good life, he was a great friend, and we miss him.

This is Au. Born in Malacca in West Malaysia, this handsome fluff was wrapped in several plastic bags, an oily rag and thrown out of a car. He was rescued and came to live with us.

Today Au is a big, brave, beautiful cat. He is FIV positive, but thanks to a miracle new medicine, Retromad1, he has no symptoms. Au adores roast chicken, ham and is experimenting with different cat foods after a lifetime of extremely pedestrian tastes in food.

Au also has a passion for inventing complicated games.

When Scoop passed away, Au went into mourning. He was very lonely so we got him a friend to play with. Target moved in on Monday October 22nd 2007 and has captured our hearts. He's affectionate and enjoys rough games so the house is a constant whirlwind of activity.

Target is shy and jumps at even the lightest sneeze.  He never speaks to strangers but to us he is sweet, furry purry little cat.  And he adores Au!

When Au turned 13 and became a little too frail to play rough games with Target, we invited Guido to come and live with us.  Guido arrived on Friday 22nd July 2011.  He was just 5 and a half months old: too big to bother Au and small enough not to frighten Target.   Guido is a little darling, and he is a good companion for our shy Target.

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